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US Virgin Islands Under Tropical Storm Watch; VITEMA Urging Public to Begin Storm Preparations


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Watch Out – Credit Card Fraud!

There seems to be rampant credit card fraud running through St. Thomas. Dozens have posted on Facebook, many who have found charges in the states and other countries. Some people have found the charges had to wait for a new card to come in only to be hit again.

Since the police don’t seem to be involved yet you should protect yourself.

Many credit card thieves get your card info using a device called a Credit Card Skimmer.

A credit card skimmer is a portable capture device that is attached in front of or on top of the legitimate scanner. The skimmer passively records the card data as you insert your credit card into the real scanner. Read more about that here: Credit Card Skimmers.

credit card skim

Then you have to worry about the RFID hackers:

For years, digital pickpockets have built RFID readers that can electronically sniff someone’s wallet or purse for account information embedded on an RFID (radio frequency identification) enabled credit card. That step has all but been eliminated by the cell phone manufacturers. The newest versions of Android smartphones have the hardware to do the same thing and more.

Read all about the slime bags here: RFID hackers.


So it’s become very easy with the use of smartphones and technology to steal your credit card info.

And it’s happening a lot now in St. Thomas.

Read your credit card bills regularly. You can purchase Aluminum Wallets that block RFID readers. I found a lot of styles on Amazon. Or for now, be extra careful and pay cash until these thieves are caught.

Comment here on the blog if you’ve had this happen and let us know where you were on St. Thomas when you used your card.

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Want To See The X-Men In St. Thomas?

Well FU!


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Another Hot Powerless Night

Good ole WAPA turnin the current off again. Will someone stop pluggin it out! Im sweating my testicles off :(

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Looking For Guest Bloggers

I’m looking for guest bloggers for the St. Thomas Blog. We are the longest running blog in the VI. You can cover any topic except you cannot advertise. They must be authentic articles about stt.


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The Twisted Cork Cafe Restaurant Review

It’s good to be back writing the blog. I Took a year and a half off but I’m back. Last night I had dinner with some friends so I decided to review it on the spot.

The Twisted Cork Cafe is NOT an advertiser on the St. Thomas Blog so I will hear no nonsense, none!


I had the Pork Osso Bucco:

twisted cork pork small

I looked at it and the meat fell off the bone. Absolutely delicious and juicy. The sauce was wonderful, cost $32. Yummy! Doesn’t it look great?

One of my friends had the Moroccan Braised Lamb Pappardelle, which is new:

twisted cork lamb small

He loved it, I didn’t try it but he tried my pork and liked that better. Others at the table tried it and raved about it, cost $31.

The Special was Lion Fish Tempura battered (I don’t eat any type of fish):

twisted cork lion fish salmon small

My friends split their dish with the Salmon Risotto. They LOVED the Lion fish, And it’s great to eat these buggers as they ruin our waters as they are predators.

Here is a copy of their dinner menu (notice they don’t have 5 trillion items on it). Don’t you find when a restaurant sticks to their niche the food consistency is great? I never understood why restaurants have 30 dinner items on it?

Click the menu to see all their items:

twisted menu

Their tagline is Eclectic Comfort Food With a Caribbean Twist.  Check them out on Facebook and Tripadvisor.

The Twisted Cork Cafe
3525 Honduras (Frenchtown) Saint Thomas, USVI, 00802

Call for reservations, to-go orders and questions or comments: 
340-775-CORK or 340-775-2675

Lunch and Dinner Monday to Friday 11:30am – 10pm
Saturday Dinner 5:30pm to 10pm, Closed Sundays

Google Map

Owner/Manager, Eric Gaspard at: 
Phone: 904-347-5215

Owner/Chef, Bryan Lewis at: 
Phone: 340-998-4132
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It’s Hurricane Season

Get ready, be prepared.

I just hired my contractor to get rid of any trash, debris etc. everything becomes a flying missile. Strap everything down or be prepared to. Buy lots of batteries, flashlights and have plenty of water on hand.

Make sure you have enough nuts, bolts, wing nuts for your hurricane shutters. Buy at least a weeks worth of food and have a gas grill.


Take being prepared seriously. Comment in and suggest other things to do to be prepared.

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WAPA Service…Or Lack Of

Senators pressed the V.I. Water and Power Authority Board to improve customer service and do more to investigate and resolve customer complaints, during a Rules and Judiciary Committee meeting.


Here’s a thought, answer the phone.


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Best Chicken Wings On St. Thomas…

No doubt The Tap & Still in Red Hook. Try them out :)


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It’s Not Rape In The USVI Says…

Senator Alicia “Chucky” Hansen. Not if you’re married anyway.

Sen Alicia 'Chucky' Hansen (file photo)

Here’s an excerpt from the Source:

During debate Tuesday on a bill to remove V.I. law exempting spouses from several categories of sexual assault and rape, Sen. Alicia “Chucky” Hansen said she did not understand how sex between spouses can be rape, before voting against the measure.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Sammuel Sanes adds in its summary “protections for spouses, men and women, who are the victims of actions that constitute rape or unlawful sexual contact in aggravated domestic violence instances.” [Bill no. 30-0060]

Currently in the V.I. Code, the definitions of aggravated rape, rape in the second and third degree, and unlawful sexual contact all explicitly say it is only rape or sexual assault if the victim is “not the perpetrator’s spouse.” The definition of first degree rape does not include this language. Sanes’ bill simply deletes the phrases “and not the perpetrator’s spouse” from each offense definition.

Read The Full Story Here

Wow, that’s all I have to say. First I never knew that this antiquated rape law even existed. Are you serious? So if you’re married you can basically rape the snot out of your spouse with no real legal recourse.

Comment in and let me know how you feel.

Oh, and how about our Honorable Senator Alicia “Chucky” Hansen, she’s probably single ;)

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