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It’s Not Rape In The USVI Says…

Senator Alicia “Chucky” Hansen. Not if you’re married anyway.

Sen Alicia 'Chucky' Hansen (file photo)

Here’s an excerpt from the Source:

During debate Tuesday on a bill to remove V.I. law exempting spouses from several categories of sexual assault and rape, Sen. Alicia “Chucky” Hansen said she did not understand how sex between spouses can be rape, before voting against the measure.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Sammuel Sanes adds in its summary “protections for spouses, men and women, who are the victims of actions that constitute rape or unlawful sexual contact in aggravated domestic violence instances.” [Bill no. 30-0060]

Currently in the V.I. Code, the definitions of aggravated rape, rape in the second and third degree, and unlawful sexual contact all explicitly say it is only rape or sexual assault if the victim is “not the perpetrator’s spouse.” The definition of first degree rape does not include this language. Sanes’ bill simply deletes the phrases “and not the perpetrator’s spouse” from each offense definition.

Read The Full Story Here

Wow, that’s all I have to say. First I never knew that this antiquated rape law even existed. Are you serious? So if you’re married you can basically rape the snot out of your spouse with no real legal recourse.

Comment in and let me know how you feel.

Oh, and how about our Honorable Senator Alicia “Chucky” Hansen, she’s probably single ;)

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Rainy Day

Liquid gold, a tourists nightmare. Sorry tourists, us locals love a good all day rain. It fills our cisterns. You see most homes aren’t attached to town/city water. We have to hope it rains then our roof gutter system funnels the rain water down into cement holding tanks under our home. That water then gets pumped through the home.

I have two 10 thousand gallon cisterns so I love the rain. You’d be amazed at the amount of water the average person living in the states uses.

Typical water use at home

Bath A full tub is about 36 gallons.
Shower 2 gallons per minute. Old shower heads use as much as 5 gallons per minute.
Teeth brushing <1 gallon, especially if water is turned off while brushing. Newer bath faucets use about 1 gallon per minute, whereas older models use over 2 gallons.
Hands/face washing 1 gallon
Face/leg shaving 1 gallon
Dishwasher 4 to 10 gallons/load, depending of efficiency of dishwasher
Dishwashing by hand: 20 gallons. Newer kitchen faucets use about 2.2 gallons per minutes, whereas older faucets use more.
Clothes washer 25 gallons/load for newer washers. Older models use about 40 gallons per load.
Toilet flush 3 gallons. Most all new toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, but many older toilets used about 4 gallons.
Glasses of water drunk


8 oz. per glass (did you remember to drink your 8 glasses of water today?)

So as you can see water is precious to locals.  There are many times when I have to buy water because we go through a dry spell. The cost for me is $380 for 5,500 gallons or roughly .07 cents per gallon or $1400 to fill my 20,000 gallon cisterns. Expensive.

Tourists of course come here for the sun. So it’s a trade off but for now let it rain!


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Government Shuts Down A Business…

The government has deemed the nightclub Metropolis Lounge to dangerous to operate. Here’s an excerpt from the Source:

The Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs has revoked the business license of Metropolis Lounge, a Sub Base, St. Thomas, nightclub that had become a hub of crime and violent activity, according to DLCA.

In a statement released Thursday, DLCA said the Metropolis Lounge, owned by Hugo Rios, will no longer be allowed to operate because of a string of attacks that took place on its premises soon after it opened its doors, and the owner’s ineffective response to those incidents,

DLCA Commissioner Wayne Biggs had petitioned for an administrative hearing on June 20, asking to revoke the license granted Rios’ business in September. Hearing Officer James Kitson granted the DLCA request Aug. 23.

 “If a business does not adhere to its responsibility to protect the public, its neighbors and the greater community in which it operates, then it must be deemed unworthy of being licensed in the Virgin Islands,” Gov. John deJongh said in a statement. “Commissioner Wayne Biggs acted in the best interest of the community when he petitioned for this administrative sanction and successfully shut down Metropolis Lounge.”

You can read the full story here:

Whadda ya think? Should the government be able to just shut a private business down?

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Dinghy’s Beach Bar – New To Water Island!

Giorgio and Lisa Bertrand are long time VI residents, on and off the islands for 25 years.  They spent the past 16 years back and forth between Water Island, where they rebuilt a gorgeous vacation villa in 2007, and St   Petersburg, FL where they established several businesses and raised their 3 kids.  Now that they have become empty-nesters, they decided to buy Joe’s Beach Bar on Honeymoon Beach Water Island and move back home more permanently.

Joe’s has been an island icon for the past 7 years, but the Bertrand’s envisioned more than a little bar on a boat trailer! They moved swiftly in and added WAPA (their silent partner), water tanks, ice machine and refrigeration, all new patio furniture and beach chaise lounges, and to top it off: a brand new mobile kitchen.

I had this massive chicken burrito, yummy!

IMAG0833 (2)

The bar offered fried snack food before, but now the menu will feature much more, including their signature panko crusted Lion Fish (when available by local spear fishermen).  In season, they will launch a bigger menu.

Here is bartender Amber, she pours them stiff ;)

IMAG0831 (2)

The name Dinghy’s was inspired by the crowd of dinghies beached in front of the bar any given day.

The south end of Honeymoon is dinghy beach as it is shallower than the north end where the larger boats anchor.  It was also inspired by a rockalypso song by local musician, Jon Gazi, “Don’t leave your dinghy on the dock”.

IMAG0832 (2)

The name “Dinghy’s Beach Bar” also inspires many comical tag lines for merchandising and marketing plans.  It’s a beach bar, so a comical-fun name suits the place.

They’d like you to participate in helping them select a fun tagline. Comment in on your favorite!

It’s not the size of your DINGHY but, how you drive it!

Get your DINGHY wet at DINGHY’s!

Never judge a captain by the size of his DINGHY!

We’re not nuts we’re all just a little DINGHY!

I got DINGHIED at HoneymoonBeach!

I got DINGHY fever at HoneymoonBeach!

Don’t leave your DINGHY at the bar!

We’re all a little DINGHY!

Need a ride?  My DINGHY’s hard for you!

DINGHY’S today , hangover tomorrow.

Bill keeps my DINGHY hard.

Love is an inflatable DINGHY!

Old sailors never die they just get little DINGHY!

Love is a hard bottom!

Tie one on!

Pull my DINGHY hard on the beach!

I got sand on my DINGHY at HoneymoonBeach!

DINGHY here gone tomorrow!

Where’s my DINGHY?

Friends don’t let friends drive their DINGHY drunk!

Try them out :)


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Out Of Retirement :)

Okay so a lot has happened since February. First and foremost Nicci and I were divorced and as you can imagine it was difficult to keep the blog going since we started it together. I wish her much happiness and success :)

Then my creative juices just stopped. Call it writers block. I just felt like I was regurgitating the same topics over and over. So I just needed a break.

Break over :)

I no longer will write articles for advertisers, this was a flaw in my blogging as it took away from the pure content. I will however keep advertisers on through banners.

Even though the blog took time off we still receive more traffic to the site just based on the shear number of articles indexed in Google.

Today I’m headed over to water island and will do a review on the new owners of Joe’s.

As always your comments are welcome :)


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Chihuahua Races Today At Yacht Haven Grande!

The Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua races are today from 4-10. Have you registered your doggie? All dogs have to be under 20lbs to enter but you can bring your dog down for the fun!

All dogs are welcome to attend and The Humane Society will be there to microchip your pooch at How ‘Bout Your Pet. $30 for members, $40 for non-members. Doggy nail clipped for $10…

Click to enlarge picture
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Lend A Hand!

7am this Saturday folks – we’ll be kicking off our own Roadside Cleanup at Four corners and Building Blocks Day Care. The goal is to meet somewhere in the middle. Please bring sunscreen, trash bags, gloves and water and some friends to help!!

Click photo to enlarge


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Gone Fishing…

I’ve had many people write in and ask what’s happening with the blog?

I’m taking a break.


I’ve been writing on it for 7 years my creative juices need to be revitalized  How many times can one write about WAPA or the Government?

I’ll get back on it when the time is right and I can deliver the types of stories you all like. Until then feel free to comment on any past stories.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon :)


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Island Empire’s Biggest La-Z-Boy SALE of the Year!

ie 5


Sectionals in all sizes…


ie 4

Order NOW for Mothers Day & Fathers Day…

ie 1

Recliners come in some very surprising styles…

ie 2


Your Color, Your Style, Your Way…


ie 3


 You DESERVE it!

march madness 9

Red Hook

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

East End Galleria across from the ferry            




Mon-Friday 9am-6pm Sat & Sun 10am-5pm

Behind the hospital cross from Fortress Storage





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Happy Easter

Everyone enjoy a very happy Easter with friends and family.

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