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Will Casinos Rescue The US Virgin Islands?

We all know the shit has hit the fan. Everyone’s asking, what will we do?


The St. Thomas/St. John casino bill as it was originally written called for a casino at Yacht Haven, but an amendment is anticipated that will allow seven casinos on St. Thomas and two on St. John.

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Okay, so we already have Video Lottery Terminals here in abundance. And some of those you can actually play blackjack and roulette on. So, what’s your take on an actual real life casino?

Nicci and I travel to St. Maarten every year and they have tons of casinos. Usually with great nightclubs and restaurants. So they become a job producing, money making machine. Tourists love them, see Las Vegas for proof of that.

Then you have the other side of the debate. Those that are against gambling. Those that feel it promotes locals losing their hard earned money.

We’ve asked the Senators to do something to get us out of this mess. This is one idea. Personally I love casinos and have no problem with gambling.

From the St. Thomas Source:

The pending amendment on the St. Thomas/St. John casino bill would give 40 percent of the revenues to the V.I. Water and Power Authority to help it float bonds so it can buy new equipment and 40 percent to the Government Employees Retirement System to assist with its unfunded liability. Nine percent of the revenues would go to the general fund, 5 percent to the Education Initiative Fund, 5 percent to the Casino Control Commission for operating expenses, and 1 percent to gambling addiction and education programs.

What do you think St. Thomas? Casinos….thumbs up or thumbs down? And for those that say thumbs down comment in on how you think we can get out of this mess.

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Big Kahuna

A Scary Motley Crew Shout Out

To some of our great advertisers/customers on the St. Thomas Blog! Well after this we may lose a few ;)

Janelle at Island Bliss Weddings scratchin’ the tunes

Deepak at Colors Fine Jewelry sippin’ the “wine”

Shaine at the Parrot Club tappin’ the platform boots

Terrie at Caribbean Saloon brewin’ the potion

Steve at Jack’s sportin’ the bling

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!
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Bet The Max

Just completed my St. John web design project for the Parrot Club.

Check it out here, click “Bet Max” and see if you’re a winner.

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Who Says Tax Day Is A Bad Day?

Click to enlarge the picture

Big party Thursday April 15th at 7:30 - Tax Day over at the Parrot Club on St. John. Head over and win prizes and cash!!

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