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Obtaining A Duplicate Or Lost USVI Drivers License

I lost my St. Thomas Drivers License the other day so I had to get a new one. It was pretty easy and here are the steps the BMV made me go through on January 17th, 2011 (we all know that these steps can change at any moment).

1. Go to the window and ask for an Affidavit Form ($5 fee) for a lost license.

2. Get a new form like your applying for a new license (at the window above) and fill that form out.

3. Find the Notary (she was parked in a gold car outside the registry) everyone knows her. Of course she might be gone by the time you read this so you’ll have to get your Affidavit Form notarized. She charged me $5.

4. Bring it back with the new license form to the original window and pay $10 for a new license.

5. Go to where they take your license picture and write your name down on the sign in sheet. They don’t actually look at the sign in sheet and call your name (that would be to easy) so you have to guesstimate when you arrived and who you arrived before unless your last name is “next” ;)

6. Wait for your picture and leave. Leave quickly, speak to no one and ask no questions, you have survived!

If you haven’t read “How To Get A VI Drivers License“, click here:

The St. Thomas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is open from 8am-3pm (closed during the many, many, many holidays). Their phone number is 340-774-5765.

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