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From Our Absolutely BIZARRE Department!

Glacial Energy, one of St. Thomas’ largest employers is under fire from the state of Texas. This absolutely wild and bizarre lawsuit has been going on for quite some time and is frankly dumbfounding to even read.

This is an article taken from NBC (below) which outlines the crazy allegations of funnelling most of Glacial Energy’s profits to fund a Blood Diamond operation in the Congo. Sounds like a movie doesn’t it?

A lawsuit in federal court in Dallas claims more than $20 million from electricity customers in Texas and 15 other states has gone to finance “blood diamonds” in Africa.

The lawsuit alleges power retailer Glacial Energy has run a “money laundering operation” which has secretly funneled almost all of its profits to a mining operation in an area of the Congo known for “blood diamonds.”

The lawsuit accuses Glacial of being a “racketeering enterprise” whose “true business” is to “launder money to fund mining in the Congo.”

In 2006 and 2007, the lawsuit alleges Glacial declared only 3.8 percent of its profits, funneling 96.2 percent to pay for the mining operation.

Glacial declared only 3.8 percent of its profits, funneling 96.2 percent to pay for the mining operation, reports NBC.


Ok so this sounds completely ridiculous right? I have friends that work for Glacial and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be shocked by this article published by NBC.

Remember folks, don’t shoot the messenger on this (that’s me) because I can’t even fathom this being true.

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Bigfoot In St. Thomas

Jonathan Doyle who is now living in St. Thomas is a performance artist. Some may call him eccentric, others may call him funny or a tad bit off his rocker.

I say stick it to the man and that’s what this story is all about.

Here’s the scoop on the story:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

We interviewed Jonathan Thursday night and he told us he’s being represented by the ACLU. Here’s what they have to say:

In an Associated Press story picked up by Yahoo, ABC, NPR and even BBC, the free-speech story is updated. You can read an excerpt below:

…A performance artist and amateur filmmaker who dressed as the mythical beast says New Hampshire park rangers didn’t have the right to kick him off a mountain where he had been scaring, or at least amusing, hikers while friends videotaped his antics.

Backed by the American Civil Liberties Union, Jonathan Doyle is suing the state, arguing that the requirement to pay $100 for a special use permit 30 days in advance and get a $2 million insurance bond violates his free speech rights….

Read the full story here.

Here’s one of those situations where it seems a little power by the park ranger has gone a wee bit overboard. What’s next…boot Yogi Bear? Hey Boo boo!

Anyways, we found Jonathan to be a funny, artistic and an intelligent young artist.

What do you think of our newest St. Thomian?

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The Coconut Telegraph Strikes Again!

The other day I was talking with my friend, Tim, who will remain nameless ;) when he pulled up a funny ad in the newspaper for a lost cat.

(click photo to enlarge picture)

Basically the author for the classified ad said they lost a “Tiger” when indeed they meant a kitty cat. I know this because the owner of the cat posted signs everywhere down West Caret Bay.

Nameless Tim and I laughed about it but then he posted it to Facebook.

Within a day we suddenly had a killer tiger on the loose. I picked up my mail at Messages, mail and More yesterday and they asked me about the tiger on the loose. I laughed and said “It’s greeeaat”, silly there in no tiger in St. Thomas.

(click photo to enlarge picture)

How a simple typo can spread like wildfire is what makes St. Thomas so fun at times :)

Thanks Tim, you big arse!

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Teeth Sucking To End!

Here’s what  the tourism commission has to say (I copy and paste this with a smirk on my face):

As a component of its ongoing local tourism awareness campaign, the Department of Tourism is launching five new television spots designed to raise the level of customer service in the territory and promote the customer service pledge. The ads will air locally on the Government Access Channel and other local cable channels beginning this week, according to a press release from Tourism Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty.

Each spot features a mocko jumbie character who intervenes when poor service is being delivered and inspires the service provider to take the customer service pledge. In the spots, taking the pledge results in the delivery of superior customer service, produces satisfied customers and fills the service provider with pride.

Yea, sure…customer service is going to get better by a few ad spots?

Sure, the teeth sucking will stop because you’re putting the customer service person out by putting them out because they have to ring your order up?

Sure, the cashier talking on their cell phone while you wait in line at Kmart will stop. Management has done a stellar job of prohibiting cell phone use already.

Sure, Safari Taxi’s pulling over in the middle of the road (carrying tourists) then swearing at you because you want to drive by them somehow, that will stop right?

Sure, anything out of the box like adding pepperoni to a Subway sandwich that doesn’t already have it in the sandwich will happen right? Even if you ask the cashier (while she/he is on their cell phone) that you’ll pay extra and their response (after they finish their personal conversation) is there is “no button” to add it.  Then you say are you sure and they suck their teeth at you…

All that’s gonna stop people, the Tourism Board is putting out 5 whole ads ;)

I’m not trying to sound bitter. I expect poor service and overall rudeness because I see it happen on a regular basis. We all know this to be “normal” here in St. Thomas, we’d love for it to change. And of course there are great people delivering great service.

But a few ads is one big pile of wasted money because customer service won’t change until local vendors and their employees realize they’d do much better financially if they provide good, friendly customer service. I know that sounds dumb to write but honestly I’m not sure local vendors/employees understand this basic concept.

What do you think St. Thomas? Are these 5 ad spots going to make any difference?

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Big Kahuna

The Landslide Watch Has Begun

On October 22nd I wrote an article about the landslide on Crown Mountain called C’mon For Real. It happened during the rain storm over a month ago.

It’s still there.

Let’s all call the DPNR at (340) 774-3320 or email them at, and ask them why our safety is still in jeopardy?

Here’s what the road still looks like

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Big Kahuna

Island Security 2

Thanks to Terrie at Caribbean Saloon for this gem.

It makes it tough to break in when you need a ladder yourself.

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From The Department Of I Can’t Make This Stuff Up I Give You…

Man calls into a local bakery in St. Thomas and asks for a birthday cake. Clerk asks man what he wants written on the cake, man says:

Happy Birthday” and under that, “Love Your Friends

Clerk makes cake:

(click to enlarge)

Cake reads Happy Birthday and under that Love your friends. Brilliant!

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Big Kahuna

Youth Lifeline America Charity Golf Tournament

Last Friday I played in the Roland Williams Charity Golf Tournament, Youth Lifeline America at Mahogany Run St. Thomas. I played on team Southland Gaming so big thanks to Shaine Gaspard for sponsoring the St. Thomas Blog. We represented well with a solid 4 under par :)

Here I am (from left to right) with Youth Lifeline America creator Roland Williams, sponsor Shaine Gaspard, Southland Gaming, and celebrity Bill Bellamy.

Thanks to Roland for making me,  a 5’9 220lb man look tiny :) oh and look at those Super Bowl Rings on my right shoulder!

Roland Williams is a Super Bowl Champion XXXIV and retired National Football League Tight End, he founded Youth Lifeline America to give athletes, business professionals and entertainers a chance to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Thanks to all for a great day!

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Big Kahuna

As Seen On St. Thomas

Um, that’s some really fugly corn on the cob. And at a bargain price of just $3.99…

Thanks to Ray Kordsiemon for supplying that beauty :)

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Big Kahuna

From the files of OMG WHAT IS THAT!…

…I bring you…


This Guy:

(cue the loud booming voice) THE AMAZONIAN GIANT CENTIPEDE! We fished it out and placed it on the floatie for picture purposes. Ain’t he pretty? Here’s another shot of this many-legged (disgusting) wonder…

The AMAZONIAN GIANT CENTIPEDE can grow in excess of 12 inches (gag); our little buddy was just over half of that…measuring in at 8 inches. Slightly longer than a teaspoon (you can click this picture for a close up if you like…you know you want to…):

Yep, that’s right. Pick up that spoon you’re stirring your morning coffee with and just picture it. GAWD help me. So gross.

Hey recently-visited friends & family, don’t you wish he popped by when you were here?

They say you never forget your first time – and they’re right, this takes my ick-paranoia to a new level. We already popped our scorpion cherry with this little guy earlier this year – and he was quickly followed up by a much bigger scorpion that we found IN A CABINET UNDER THE BATHROOM SINK. Like, behind closed doors. How they H-E-Double-hockey-sticks did he get in there?! And he was ALIVE. *shudder* I’m the one that found him, and I would have taken pictures…but once I saw that tail curl up I was too busy slamming the door shut, yelling for Scott and jumping up and down waving my hands around like a little girl. So, I suppose it was only a matter of time before we saw our first centipede – but I was hoping for a small one…not one that could fill out a hot dog bun.

We’ve left him sitting out there on the table – to ward off others who might decide to slink up on our deck. Hopefully any future crawlies find the pool before they find any door gaps into our living room and decide to slip underneath a couch cushion. *muffled scream*

Centipedes in general are carnivorous, though this term usually refers to a diet of smaller bugs or scavenged remains. The Amazonian giant centipede, however, creeps out at night to stalk even larger victims. Groping through the darkness with its long antennae, the centipede will make a meal out of any number of unsuspecting small animals, including lizards, frogs, birds, and mice.

Read all about them here.

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