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The Newest $1000 Winner

Southland Gaming of the Virgin Islands has announced that Dean Doeling of Using Sports for Social Change is the fourth recipient of a $1,000 Community Award.  The award was announced on October 1.

Although Dean Doeling lives in Beaverton, Oregon and works for the Nike Corporation, he has made a profound impact on the children of St. John since establishing Using Sports for Social Change in June of 2008.  A frequent vacationer to St. John, Mr. Doeling noticed the lack of sports equipment available to the children of St. John as well as the lack of recreational facilities.  He decided to establish Using Sports for Social Change to provide the needed equipment and to develop and assist with sports and fitness programs for the St. John community. 

In the last two years, Mr. Doeling has established strong relationships with the Department of Education, the Department of Sports, Parks and Recreation, and the St. John Community Foundation in order to pursue his dream to “focus Virgin Islands youth through sports and fitness, giving them the confidence they need to set personal goals, achieve their aspirations and create opportunity for themselves, their family and their community.”  The result has been over one thousand pieces of sports equipment donated to the schools, parks and other local youth programs.  In 2009, the first annual “Just Play Field Day” event was held for children from two to 18.  The second “Just Play” event will be held on October 11, 2010.

In nominating her brother for the Community Award, Robin Doeling-Posen wrote, “Dean’s latest efforts have been concentrating on finding new donors, volunteers and expanding this year’s ‘Just Play’ event that is scheduled for Oct. 11th, 2010, to reach and touch the lives of over 200 kids this year!  He truly is creating a lifetime of memories for these kids that no one else has ever dreamed of doing or ever bothered to carry thru!”  

Congratulations to Dean Doeling, fourth recipient of Southland Gaming of the Virgin Islands’ Community Award Program of $1,000!

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