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St.Thomas Carnival 2010 Adult Parade Videos and Pictures

A collection of pictures and two videos from Saturday’s parade. Yay – we finally figured out how to get You Tube going :) Of course it’s video from a small digital camera – someday we’ll dust off our actually video camera. The videos are the Gypsy Troupe coming down the street (this year marks the 59th year for the Gypsies and Carnival, we’re partial to them as we have friends in their troupe) and a four minute of the Rising Stars steel drum band playing Rock The Boat; they are excellent! Many people hang 0ut just to see these kids. You can read about them here.

The pictures tell the tale of our whole parade day. We got down too early, about 10am – I’d say the parade doesn’t really kick off (with the Queen) until maybe 11. In true island-time fashion the beginning of the parade was marked by two big lulls of almost 20mins each, in which case people just end up standing around with the sun beating down. And WOW was the sun beating down -it was a hot hot HOT day, I don’t know how the troupes do it with the costumes. I’d be a sweaty mess! However, once the parade really kicks in it’s just one day of fun. The music, the colorful outfits – different trucks throwing down beads and sunglasses, everyone rushing into the road to take pictures (until the cops showed up…). By 2pm our part of the street was crowded and loud – with the Double Play Bar pumping out some music and the parade trucks drowning it out with their speakers as they passed. We lasted until sometime after 3…the sun was too much and we’d had our fill of beer and rum :) Next year we’ll probably go down a little later so we can stay later – I guess the parade wrapped up around 6pm, and then the fireworks a couple of hours after that.

In case anyone’s wondering – cruise ships still show up during Carnival week – and on Saturday we met a couple from Canada who were on a cruise that day and decided to skip the beach and check out the parade. They hung out with us all day, took a million pictures and totally enjoyed themselves!

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  1. May 7, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

    Dabney Said,

    Dude you got to learn to hold the recorder steady. You filmed it like you were on boat!

  2. March 29, 2012 @ 10:38 am

    marlene harthman Said,


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